SettlementConnect Services

PDA, together with The Advocator Group, provide an innovative solution to disability claim settlement services and overpayment reimbursement facilitation.

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SettlementConnect Services, a first-in-its-class solution for bridging the critical transitions between a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) award, overpayment recovery, and claim settlement. The solution combines data analytics and predictive modeling with claim management expertise to identify the best settlement opportunities for a disability insurer, as well as the ability to pursue them at precisely the right time.

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The service provides disability insurance carriers with an opportunity to reduce a pending overpayment balance that results from a claimant’s successful SSDI award, while simultaneously increasing their settlement acceptance rate. SettlementConnect embeds a claimant’s overpayment obligation into the financial benefit of a settlement offer, thereby reducing delays in this important financial transaction and creating a positive service experience for the customer.

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