Medical Reviews

PDA provides best-in-class independent medical peer reviews to the disability insurance industry. With a growing network of disability-trained physicians and nurses covering over 35 specialties, we have the resources to address any claim situation, from the relatively routine to the highly complex. Our reviews provide a high quality, comprehensive analysis and are written in a concise manner to support accurate claim adjudication. Our reviews fill needs for a broad set of clients requiring independent and objective expert opinions at any stage of the claims process. All reports are quality-reviewed to ensure our high standards are consistently met. We provide the right resource at the right time, every time. 

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The PDA Difference

Can any physician review medical information in a disability claim file and establish an opinion on functional capacity?
Are all attending physicians trained to assess their patient’s function as it relates to disability?

We don't believe so and neither should you.

PDA’s network of specialists consists of a full range of board certified medical experts. Our independent medical peer reviewers, called Physician Consultants, are highly trained through our robust onboarding process to interpret how the medical facts of the claim, and the attending physician’s opinion, together correlate to produce medically supported restrictions and limitations.

Key Areas of Service

What you can expect

Claim files are submitted through our secure portal, PDAconnects, and then assigned to one of our medical professionals to conduct a thorough review of the medical facts in the claim. The completed report is quality reviewed by one of PDA’s Registered Nurses or Physician Assistants before being returned to our client through the portal.