Meet the Team

Kim Winslow, Director of Claim Sourcing Solutions

Kim is dedicated to solving sourcing issues for clients across multiple disability product lines. Kim has developed a professional network and strong understanding of the challenges our clients’ face with regard to sourcing needs.  As Director of the Claim Sourcing Solution work Kim is providing here at PDA, she has been able to deliver customized solutions to the growing need of staffing challenges. PDA’s talented pool of disability professionals, led by Kim, have national reach and possess extensive experience, including broad based industry knowledge.

Kim possess more than 25 years of disability insurance industry experience and has demonstrated strong leadership capabilities with a customized hands on approach in providing sourcing solutions to exceed client expectations. As a strategic resource, Kim successfully identifies, recruits and delivers key professional resources allowing continued business continuity for clients. Kim’s relationship driven approach supports retention and engagement of disability professionals positioned to meet client resource challenges and business needs. Kim is a graduate of Northeastern University with an associate’s degree in Allied Health and Science, in addition to earning a Dental Hygiene degree from Forsyth Dental Hygiene School.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

My outside interests include being with family, friends and animals. I like to travel to experience new places and people. I am a 4-H alumnus and continue to be part of the community by supporting and enjoying local 4-H activities. I also like to garden, design and decorate living spaces and read fiction/murder mysteries.

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