International Consulting

PDA has a deep understanding of disability risk in international markets through insights gained from its senior leadership team’s extensive international experience in disability product development and work with international reinsurers.

United Kingdom

Al Hemond, CEO

Al has 4 years of international group and individual disability market experience including consulting for several European reinsurers and working as the Vice President of Claims in the UK division of a top US disability carrier. Al has been a member of the Health Claims Bureau Group (HCB Group) Board of Directors for over 10 years. HCB Group provides independent employee health, wellness and claims management services in the UK and Ireland.

Mark Sawyer, VP Claim Performance Solutions

Mark has experience leading end-to-end assessments of UK Group Income Protection (GIP) carrier claim operations, which included an emphasis on providing the following:

Asia, Europe & Latin America

Tim Seavey, SVP of Strategy & Development

Tim has 20 years of on-the-ground experience in multiple markets across Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America. During this time he was directly involved with international market development, claims oversight and underwriting. He has extensive experience in adapting mature disability market practices to new markets, enabling accelerated product development in previously untapped markets.

Specific assignments included launching start-up companies in Asia and Latin America, product development in Europe and management of an underwriting organization in Canada. Tim has experience with a variety of products including traditional LTD, STD and ID and ancillary benefits including LTC, Critical Illness and Accident.

How PDA can help

PDA can support multi-national companies, including insurers and reinsurers, with a variety of disability claim management services.

Examples include: