Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Involvement

PDA supports and sponsors local charities and businesses that align with our company goals. We are always conscious of what is going on in our local community and we lend a hand when needed. We also choose to do business with multiple organizations that are local to us in Portland and Maine. Learn more about our charitable giving >>

Environmental Efforts

At our office in Portland we look for opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment. In our efforts to reduce the amount of waste we produce we:

  • have recycling bins in every office
  • compost our coffee grounds
  • power down our entire office at the end of each work day
  • have an automatic light system which turns off lights when areas are not in use
  • are located in a building which has been resurfaced with aluminum composite material made with recycled material

Additionally, we work with SecureRMS to securely recycle all our confidential files. By partnering with SecureRMS we are supporting Waban Projects, a local nonprofit organization in Maine whose mission is to provide high quality services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Learn more about SecureRMS >>

Employee Appreciation

At PDA we are committed to our employee’s happiness, health and education. Our Culture Committee is focused on continuous improvement of the overall culture of the organization. The committee and PDA’s leadership team consistently establish new programs to enhance employee happiness and satisfaction; these programs include but are not limited to:

  • Emerging Leaders Program Learn more about ELP>>
  • Peer Recognition Program
  • Health + Wellness Program
  • Participation in the USM Professional Development Program

The committee has also organized different office events, including:

  • Summer and holiday outings
  • Lunch N’ Learns where employees are given new tools and training to improve skills
  • Outside speakers to help employees learn about wellness, nutrition and healthy habits
  • Monthly massage therapist visits for chair massages