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What Our Clients
Say About PDA

  • From a client utilizing PDA physician on-site services:

    "Thanks for your flexibility and helping fill the gap for such an extended period of time!"

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  • From a client company utilizing PDA peer review services:

    "This was an excellent review. Very concise, well detailed, easy to understand and thorough."

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  • From a client company utilizing PDA for medical and vocational services about the PDA operations staff:

    "They are all doing an excellent job and whenever we have any questions at all they are handled quickly and efficiently. It is a pleasure working with PDA."

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  • From a recent consulting project:

    "We appreciate the value and the engagement very much and feel we got a great deal of useful information and discussion."

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Welcome to PDA

Professional Disability Associates is an innovative consulting company and an industry leader in providing specialty risk resources including medical and vocational consulting services to major disability insurers and self insured employers. PDA delivers customized solutions to our clients. We are trained and focused on the nuances of disability insurance. Our attention to quality is second to none.

PDA has the resources and ability to immediately provide broad levels of risk assessment ranging from claim related audits and peer reviews, to education and financial analysis to management consulting and coaching. PDA supports clients with over 120 board certified physicians and registered nurses, masters-level vocational consultants and many well respected insurance “veterans” in delivering specialized expertise and value to the industry.

This combination of strategic and operational resources delivers effective and efficient results to a client list that ranges from local small businesses to national and multinational corporations. We excel at delivering quality --the right level of expertise for the right level of business complexity and at the right cost.


  • The 5th annual PDA Spring 2014
    Disability Education conference was held May 1-2 in Portland ME. Over 85 peoplerepresenting 17 companies, along with PDA staff and consultants attended. This review of the current state of the disability insurance industry considered how outside factors like The Affordable Healthcare Act, Social Security changes and regulatory rules impact our work. Specific disabilities like Lyme’s Disease, cardiac issues and back injuries were reviewed to help increase understanding on how to best assist claimants with these challenging conditions. Psychosocial factors were also explained in order to better understand and assist the out-of-work claimant facing real life challenges. For professionals working in disability insurance, best practices were presented including critical thinking skills, ethical issues and legal liabilities. Conference participants also learned why attending physician calls are important to medical reviews, vocational services and other areas of claims management. Sponsorship for this year’s conference was generously provided by Advocator Group, Munich Re, and ClaimVantage.





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